Q²EnergySpa BEFE Hydro System


Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE Technology

BEFE stands for Bio Electric Field Enhancer, and was developed by Q-Tech laboratories in Australia as a therapeutic aid for pain management, detoxification, and healing. The unit is self-contained and is used in an ordinary footbath.

Many people today are overworked, stressed and generally, their bodies are rundown. When one gets this way, it is because their bodies are low on energy. BEFE works as an organic charger and is a safe and effective way of getting a much needed energy boost.

  • Possible Benefits:
  • Increase your energy
  • Detoxify your body
  • Enhance your healing powers
  • Improve recovery
  • Promote optimal overall well being and health

Understanding How the Q²EnergySpa (BEFE) Works

The human body is sensitive electromagnetic system that runs on millivolts. In other words, we are in reality a bio-electric machine. The body also generates an electromagnetic field, which is your unique “Bio-electric Signature”. BEFE was created to re-balance and amplify the bio-electric signature of our body by imprinting electromagnetic fields into the water, and thereby into living systems to give the body more energy which allows the body to operate at its full potential.

The BEFE unit works within the natural cycles of our body and the use of the equipment requires 20-35 minutes to complete 1-2 cycles of the body.

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Scientific Proof that the System Works!

  • Using a dark field microscope, it has been confirmed that BEFE influences the red blood cells to separate, so oxygen and nutrients can get into cells and wastes can get out of the cells.
  • There are also measurable differences occurring in blood pressures. Elevated blood pressure tends to fall, while low blood pressure tends to increase.
  • After only 3 baths, red blood cells become more round instead of flat separate, instead of chained and generally more healthy.
  • It has been discovered that white blood cells produce electricity, which converts oxygen into microbe-killing superoxide. This helps to explain why the BEFE unit aids in healing and has the potential to eliminate bacteria and fungal infections. Because the BEFE unit increases potential voltage in the cell membrane, the potential of the immune system can be substantially enhanced.