Weight Loss / Digestive Health

Wellness Plans Custom-Tailored Just For You!


Hi, I'm Valerie!

  • Are you tired of getting little to no results with your current diet? Do you feel frustrated, angry, confused and at a loss for how to achieve successful long term weight loss? I help clients achieve weight loss and resolve digestion issues using custom nutrition and wellness plans. Get results without having to deprive yourself.

Learn with my guidance why you're having a tough time losing weight and start a meal plan that will give you success! I assess your individual needs to get results quickly and effortlessly, without having to deprive yourself.

This is not a group weight loss program; all recommendations are specifically for you and what your body needs to become healthy. I will provide 8 weeks of support to ensure you are meeting your weight loss goals and are feeling fantastic.

Once you understand the secrets to weight loss, it is easy to maintain a healthy weight without starving yourself. My clients get life-changing results. Their testimonials are proof it can be done! Don't wait, start today and make your dreams a reality. Now is the time to make long lasting successful changes in your health.

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Weight Loss & Wellness Plan $749

  • Two in-person or remote appointments with 8 weeks of support
  • Complete Nutritional Wellness Questionnaire to review your health challenges, lifestyle, and goals
  • Full Nutritional Report to provide unique information on your imbalances
  • Meal Plan with recipes and custom recommendations for your success
  • Specific Nutrient Recommendations and Professional Supplements that will support your body during weight loss
  • Review of your Diet Journal to give you guidance, tips, and tweaking when needed. If you hit a plateau, we will reassess and get your metabolism on track
  • Additional 8 weeks of follow up and support with email or weekly 15-minute telephone check-in meetings to ensure success