Biofeedback Scan and Nutritional Report is incredibly detailed and eye-opening!

Review for Biofeedback Scan and Nutritional Report

Date: July 22, 2020 Written by: N.L. From: Surrey, British Columbia

My fiancé and I are healthy individuals that wanted to make some lifestyle changes as we get older. To see what foods are good for us or not , what foods are more efficient to eat for our body to store those nutrients.

We met Valerie and went in for Biofeedback Scan and Nutritional Report. We live a healthy lifestyle however we both felt some tiredness of late throughout the day. My fiancé was low on iron and we tested supplements that she was taking. She wasn’t getting the full effect of the supplement. Valerie's recommendation has helped us to understand various important aspects of living well and healthy.

And through this program we have implemented some lifestyle changes and we are noticing the difference in our eating habits and both our energy levels. We would definitely recommend this program that Valerie offers to anyone who wants to make a healthier lifestyle choice and take life full on!! Thank you Valerie.